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Welcome to the Magdalena's Gallery in the Czech republic. When I came into the world, my parents gave me a beautiful name. But for many reasons I did not like the world. A strange pressure in my soul has urged me to look for a way to get used to it.


In our large home, many people wrote, sculpted or painted something. It brought them obvious pleasure. I tried it too.

I paint with oils on canvas. My uncle, graphic designer Michael Florian, taught me all about graphics. I assisted him with hand-printing during my childhood. The studio of my father Jan Florian - a sculptor, painter and restorer - became my school for the study of the techniques of restoration. I wrote my first poems when I was thirteen. The poet Ivan Martin Jirous offered to read them a few years ago and gave me much useful criticism and many helpful tips..

On this web site you can find pictures, graphics, painting on walls, my family tree.. I offer the creation of web sites, the restoring of pictures ....


Magdalena Křenek-Florian was born on 30th March 1966, the third of six children in the town of Dačice in the Czech Republic.

Her grandfather, Josef Florian, was the founder of a publishing company´Dobré dílo´ and opened an artistic spirit in the family. Magdalena´s mother, Karla Florian, is an artist and window-dresser. Her father, Jan Florian, was a sculptur, painter and restorer.

Magdalena graduated from the grammar school Gymnazium Telč.She studied English at an evening language school in Brno.She worked in a bookshop, as a secretary, cleaner and teacher.

Magdalena studied old painting restoration in her father´s studio in Stará Říše. Magdalena has exhibited her paintings, graphic art and illustrations at various places in the Czech Republic. Two collections of Magdalena´s poems were published – Antithesis and Kladina.

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